St Vincent has been in the limelight lately following the gruesome murder of labourer Jovani Baptiste of Rose Place, aged 29.

St Vincent: Buccament Bay murder case now under investigation

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St Vincent has been in the limelight lately following the gruesome murder of laborer Jovani Baptiste of Rose Place, aged 29. The Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) has taken the steps necessary to investigate the shooting which occurred on Thursday, September 7th in Buccament Bay.

The postmortem report is yet to be released and will confirm the cause of death, which is likely due to trauma and loss of blood caused by bullet wounds.

The (RSVGPF) has expressed its condolences to the bereaved family and anyone else who was affected by this incident. The authorities have also set up lines for any individual with information as to the whereabouts of the perpetrators or any other details related to the case.

Anyone with information that can assist the police with this investigation is encouraged to call 999/911 or, the Officer in charge of South Western Division at telephone number 1-784- 458-7329, or any police station or police officer you are comfortable speaking with.

The RSVGPF have also stated that any information received through these channels will be treated conditionally and added that the investigation is still ongoing. It is also their intention to respect the privacy of the family of the deceased and other close relatives and friends, a courtesy they have asked other parties to extend to them as well.

With crime on the rise and a recent case like this involving a gruesome act, the community expects the authorities, specifically the RSVGPF, to take swift action and find the perpetrators as quickly as possible.

The resolution of this case is very important for the RSVGPF as well as for those in public office in the corresponding region because of the pressure from the public. It is alarming for any community when such cases occur without much explanation. It is natural for the public to then demand results and expect such cases to be resolved at the earliest.

The RSVGPF have made their intentions clear and have set the investigation in motion with the appropriate zeal. It is now a matter of time and patience, to see what fruits these endeavors bear.

The most important aspect of this incident and the subsequent investigation though, is giving closure to the family of the deceased. When all is said and done, it is the family which has suffered the greatest loss and are in need of the most, not just from the authorities but the community on the whole as well.