A sixty year old lady drowns in St Maarten. (Image Credits: Google Images)

St Maarten: Accidental drowning in hotel pool

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A hotel in the Maho area of St Maarten has become the site of the tragic drowning of a woman in her sixties. The incident occurred at the hotel pool at roughly 2 pm on Thursday, following which, multiple frantic calls were made to the St Maarten’s Police Force.

According to initial reports, the drowning might have been preceded by a medical emergency which might have complicated the immediate rescue efforts.

Immediately after the distress call was received by the authorities, a multitude of patrol cars and an ambulance with emergency response personnel were sent to the location. Sadly, the lady could not be revived.

When medical services and police officers arrived at the scene they found a female, roughly sixty years old, receiving first aid treatment from eye witnesses and bystanders.

According to witness testimony, the victim is likely to have experienced a medical emergency while in the pool, which subsequently led to her drowning.

Despite first aid being given immediately and professional medical personnel arriving promptly, it was determined that the woman’s vitals were not showing signs of recovery.

Despite every possible attempt being made, she was pronounced dead when she did not respond.

The authorities are planning on looking into the matter thoroughly to ensure the incident was accidental. Going by the preliminary reports though, it seems quite clear that the drowning was brought on due to a medical emergency. If this is proven to be true, it would make the incident an accident.

In that scenario, as sad as this news is, the case becomes an open and shut one for the police force. Having said that, the incident has raised concerns about the safety arrangements at hotels in the region. There is a chance that this case will prompt new precautionary measures to ensure a safer experience for visitors.

It is also seen to be necessary to have the appropriate medical treatment available to handle emergencies when they arise. With that in mind, certain stipulations might be put in place to avoid such tragedies in the future.