St John’s Parish Church, must visit place in Barbados

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Barbados: Visit Barbados features a beautiful Gothic-inspired church, St John’s Parish Church. This church is a historic landmark and is a must visit place in Barbados.

There is one unique feature as well in the Gothic-inspired church. At the rear of the church’s cemetery, Paleologus’ tomb is constructed which is marked by a granite tombstone. There are many other historical facts as well included in it.

The well known St John’s Parish Church is a beautiful tourist place in the country. This historical church offers breathtaking scenes of the beauty which a country, Barbados holds. The panoramic views from Ragged Point in the east to Pico Tenerife in the north offer the best of all experiences.

Such a church, rich in history even has so many of the memories at the place which belong to the significant count of people, which are to be cherished for an entire life. As, under the featured photo, many people commented and some even presented their memories of the place.

“I was married at this church,” commented one of the citizens, Joan Rowe.

Such a comment by her states how beautifully the memories can be recalled just even by a featured picture. Interestingly, if visited, then it might even give a chance to relive the moment.

“Been there many times, it was grandfather’s family church, way back in the day,” mentioned another.

The words mentioned by the netizen clearly presented how historic the place is, which is knitted with generation-to-genre love. And marks the significance the place holds in the history of the country

Shifting the focus on the historical facts connected to it, the church was built in 1645, however was destroyed in 1831 because of the hit of a hurricane in the country. Then, it was rebuilt in 1836, and from that time, it has given a lot of memories to the people.

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