Barbados witnesses “healthy” tourism arrival in Jan-Feb 2022

Barbados witnesses “healthy” tourism arrival in Jan-Feb 2022

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Barbados: The Minister of Tourism and International Transport – Lisa Cummins notified that the projected tourism arrival figures for 2022 have been healthy. She further mentioned that this surge has been witnessed because of the bulking coming from the market of United States.

The Minister further disclosed that the sea and air arrival passengers in Barbados in the year 2022 look “healthy”. She made this announcement during an interaction with the State of the Industry media at Hilton Barbados Resort.

Cummins further noted that the industry has been looking to diversify the project and the measure of success should be beyond the tourists’ arrivals for the projected figures for 2022.

“We project a healthy 2022 for Barbados in terms of our estimated seat capacity with a projected total of 846,413. We expect that the United States will continue to be our biggest producer with 279,714; followed by the United Kingdom with a seat capacity of 258,106,” Minister Cummins was quoted as.

She further mentioned that this year in June, Barbados will witness the return of Copa Airlines from Panama City.

She further mentioned that as per the cruise schedule by the Tourism Minister, in summer 2022 the nation will witness schedule call of five vessels and in winter 2022-2023, Barbadian authority has been expecting around 390 vessel calls.

However, the minister clarified that the projection of these cruises might be affected because of the crisis in the Eastern Europe – Russia and Ukraine crisis.

Furthermore, she revealed that during the period of January and February 2022, Barbados has recorded attracted around 67,463 stayover visitors, which is increase of 61,672 stayover visitor as compared to the same period of 2021.

This increase was not just attributed to the winter season 2021-2022 but also to the cricket matches and Round Barbados Sailing Week, hosted in the country.