“School also belongs to me”,children deprived of education appeals

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Today, the world has taken a long step towards development but some of the issues yet are required to be addressed. For this, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is dedicated to working to build better minds in men, women and children.

Recently, UNESCO shared a post which revealed an appeal by the children deprived of education which is due to child labour. And, the right to education belongs to every child around the world.

There are millions of children around the world who are deprived of education, which highlights the need to raise awareness of this and prohibit child labour. Education is a basic human right that has great significance in bringing men and women out of poverty.

It is not even only about poverty but it provides support in balancing inequalities and ensuring sustainable development. When looking at the records, the count of about 244 million children and youth have come out who do not go to school. This is because of many reasons, including social, economic and cultural. 

Even, the organization has even introduced international legal instruments, state obligations and responsibilities to make the people of the world aware of the right to education. 

Moreover, UNESCO has even set the standards for developing norms and standards for enforcing the right to education. Importantly, action is required to a major extent to address issues like this. And, the organization has even started a campaign to which people can be part.

The campaign has been introduced with the name ‘Say no to discrimination in education! – #RightToEducationcampaign. This campaign is all set with an objective for the protection of the vulnerable.

Connecting with this only, even the public has given their suggestions as the solution to the issue.

“We need good governance, democracy in all systems, beliefs and cultures, which will lead a country to good health, good education, food security, economic growth, development and peace,” mentioned one of the netizens.

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