Samal Duggins pledges to uplift local agricultural productivity by 2025

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Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries of St Kitts and Nevis, Samal Duggins, aimed to focus on boosting local agricultural productivity and enhancing the food security of the island nation by adopting sustainable farming practices and methods.

Notably, Minister Duggins held a meeting with the staff members of the Ministry of Agriculture, where he shed light on his visionary plan of ‘25 by 25’. While highlighting the objective of this agenda, the Minister stated that he aims to achieve important milestones in the field of agriculture by the year 2025.

While sharing about his plan, Minister Duggins stated, “I’m confident and excited about the path ahead. With the ambitious ’25 by 25′ agenda in full swing, the ministry is gearing up for a year that promises to redefine agricultural excellence.”

Minister Duggins added that his visionary plan will play a pivotal role in addressing the global challenges faced by the island nation in food supply and sustainability.

Additionally, he also acknowledged that his team is making every possible effort and taking the required measures in order to tackle the obstacles faced by the island nation in the field of agriculture. Sharing about his future plan, the Minister stated, “We are not just planning for the next year but setting the foundation for a sustainable and prosperous agricultural future.”

Moreover, the Minister also stated that their purpose is not just limited to improving the quantity of products, but also their vital focus is enhancing farming methods, improving the quality of products, as well as extending much-needed support to local farmers as well as agri-businesses.

The other plan of the Ministry is to enhance research and development by adopting modern technologies to improve the agricultural practices of the island nation.

Minister Duggins has promised the citizens of the island nation that they will embark on an ambitious journey with the aim of progressing St Kitts and Nevis towards a better future. He assured the citizens that he would bring food security and a thriving and sustainable agricultural ecosystem to the nation.

Nia Roberts
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