Delivering Promises: Minister Samal Duggins celebrates year of leadership

Delivering Promises: Minister Samal Duggins celebrates year of leadership

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Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources el at, Samal Duggins felt elated while sharing that he has completed a year in the office.

He reflected on one Year of Service and mentioned, “As I mark my first year in office, I’m elated to share the strides we’ve taken in Constituency 4.”

Additionally, he highlighted that he has worked on each promise to assure that the citizens and residents of his constituency and nation get every possible amenity.

“The promises I made during my campaign were more than words – they were a commitment to you, the people of constituency 4, and I was determined to turn them into actions. Today, I’m proud to say we’ve delivered on those commitments,” he stated on his official social media.

He also took the platform to extend thanks towards the general public for their continuous trust in him. Minister Samal Duggins outlined that it was because of their sheer belief that he was able to fulfil all his commitments.

“Your faith in me and our shared vision has been the driving force behind our success. With your continued support, I’m eager to embark on the next chapter of our work together,” he conveyed.

Furthermore, Minister Duggins expressed that here’s to a future filled with more accomplishments and positive change.

Besides this, he counted the accomplishments and achievements of the ministries under him. The reflections for 2022-2023 are the following:

1) Supporting Sports Men and Women:
One of the best decisions ever made by him was to become a co-cooperative sponsor (along with Qasim Walker) of the Old Road United Jets, now called the Montraville Farms CleanRite Old Road United Jets
Both teams are doing exceptionally well. The male unit has secured its spot in the Super Six playoffs for the very first time, while the female team is at the top of the table for their league.
Hosted a domino tournament which is a fast-growing sport that brings people together, contributing to their social and emotional well-being.

2) Upgrade Sporting Facilities:
He highlighted that his promise to the people of the country had been fulfilled with the renovation of Lambert’s playing field, converting it into a multifunctional space for sports and recreation. The halfway Tree playing field is currently undergoing renovations.

3) Infrastructure Updates:
The authorities under Minister Samal Duggins have upgraded the infrastructure in the areas of Challengers, particularly Stone Fort Heights and Old Road, with the construction of sidewalks on the outside of the Tyrrell Williams School.

4) Old Road Fisheries:

Clean Up: A clean-up of the Old Road Fisheries compound was the beginning phase of getting this facility back to normalcy.

Renovations: During the campaigns by Samal Duggins, he stated his wishes to upgrade the fisheries facilities in the Federation, and now after one year, he proudly highlights the work that was done on this particular complex. Now the fishermen and fisherwomen of Constituency No 4 can benefit from a fully upgraded facility.

Ice Machine Restoration: The ice machine at the Old Fisheries Complex is finally operational once again. Since March 2021, the Old Road community has eagerly anticipated this moment, and he was proud to say that he and his ministry have delivered on the promises.

5) Empowerment Opportunities:

i. Board Appointments
ii. Provisions of jobs
iii. One-on-one consultations
iv. Community walk-throughs

6) Support to School:

i. Donations
ii. Scholarships