Saint Lucia refunded millions of dollars as part of Tax refund policy

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Saint Lucia: The Government of Saint Lucia revealed that over $30 million were refunded to the public as part of the “Tax Refund Policy” from July to December.

The Finance Ministry revealed that the outstanding tax of about $40 million will be refunded in a single financial year 2023-24. Calling it the very first time in the history of Saint Lucia.

For the time, the government has secured $20 million to facilitate the payment of outstanding tax refunds dating back to financial year 2015. The IRD (Inland Revenue Department) has already received the amount for the paying out for funds to the eligible recipients.

The recipients will be considered from those commencing from December 2023 and up to the end of March 2024. Moreover, the amount of $10 million is expected to be paid by IRD in the month of December.

And, the remaining amount of $10 million will be paid as a fund during the first quarter of the coming year that is between January and March 2024. Such a benefit is even marked to give an advantage to about 1000 Saint Lucians.

As it can be expected that the residents will get tax refund cheques in times of Christmas and the holiday season which is the perfect time to get such an exciting benefit.

On this, Melissa Paul, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, Phillip J. Pierre stated that the Government officials are committed to accelerate the tax refund process to ensure that taxpayers get their refunds in a timely manner.

In addition to this, she also cleared that the amount of $20 million has already been injected to the Inland Revenue Department. This disbursement will ensure the total amount of $40 million already paid for this purpose since July 2021.

Such an initiative by the government has marked the development and growth of the country to which even the public is responding very positively. Under the shared post regarding this by the Government of Saint Lucia, the public extended their heartfelt thanks towards the officials.

“Many thanks in advance,” mentioned one of the citizens. 

George Henry
George Henry
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