A Modern Approach to Affordable Housing for Saint Lucians. (Credits: Department Of Housing And Local Government, Facebook)

Saint Lucia implements affordable housing projects for its citizens

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The Department of Housing and Local Government strengthens the fundamental rights of its citizens to stimulate investment and growth in the agricultural sector.

The project was held under the National Sites and Services Programme. A community consultation activity was undertaken in Piaye on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

The government recognized the fundamental role of land rights for the citizens of Saint Lucia in encouraging growth, especially in agriculture and infrastructure. 

It is to be noted that it would carry on with the National Sites and Services Programme by delivering service to many citizens, which ensured the following,

– Economic Growth

– Economic Stability

– Sustainable Development

The Department’s Piaye Land Development Project was held under the umbrella of the NSSP, which made a total of 32 lots available and in the process of regularizing tenures for existing occupants, while the remaining lots were given to interested persons for purchase.

Richard Frederick, who is serving as the housing minister, is working on the commitment to make land ownership a reality for the nation’s people.

Land ownership is not just a legal deed, but it represents an intense part of the island’s development individually as a nation or as a community as well.

Glimpses of meeting

A sit-down meeting between department officials and the residents of the Southern Coastal Community also took place. The meeting was conducted to ensure a concerted effort can be made towards resolving the issues faced by citizens. 

People were also informed of the details regarding various payment options and the process for acquiring title deeds. 

The housing department acknowledged the immense value and understood the importance of how deeply it impacts the lives of the common public, as once payments have been made, it will work expeditiously to issue the title deeds.

Notably, the department is looking forward to its continued support to Saint Lucia and its citizens in building resilience by providing them with suitable land at an affordable and cheap rate.

To recognise the needs of the people, the Department of Housing and Local Government continues its quest to provide affordable housing, especially to those members of society with limited income.