Saint Lucia: HelpAWS is now asking for 12 more pups’ adoption

Saint Lucia: HelpAWS is now asking for 12 more pups’ adoption

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Saint Lucia: The Charitable Organisation, based in Castries in Saint Lucia, HelpAWS is now asking for adoption of 12 pups, who were born to a stray dog on the island.

“Another day, another intake. That makes 12 pups in less than 24 hours!” the organisation stated while welcoming the pups.

The seven babies were born to a stray mama on the island. They had someone caring for them, but she already had five dogs and couldn’t handle seven more. The organisation keeps saying they can’t take any more babies in, but HOW can they turn them away, knowing they’d never survive on their own?

“It’s a no-win situation because we can’t just let them suffer on their own, but we genuinely don’t have the space or resources to continue to operate this way, with more and more coming in and so few going out,” HelpAWS stated.

These little puppies were so hungry when they came in, as well as being covered with fleas and ticks. It’s the same story as always, day in and day out. This is exactly why the upcoming spay and neuter clinic is so critical. It gives everyone the opportunity to sterilize their animals and help stop this cycle. Responsible pet ownership and spaying/neutering is the only way organisation will ever get ahead of this cycle.

HelpAWS is still in need of 1 vet and 1 trained vet tech to assist with the clinic starting on 10/15. The charitable organisation asked, “If anyone knows someone who works in the veterinary field and are willing to volunteer for the clinic, please DM or email”

“If you’re interested in adopting a beautiful, deserving pup, please go to to complete an application. Donations can be sent to using e-transfer, Zelle or PayPal or to @helpaws using Venmo,” it added, while informing about payments.