Saint Lucia: HelpAWS introduces sweet boy Cooper, shares his experience
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS introduces sweet boy Cooper, shares his experience
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Saint Lucia: Animal welfare organisation of Castries in Saint Lucia HelpAWS introduced their sweet boy, Cooper who was left to the place with no fault of his own. While introducing the little pup, the organisation stated that how many times can a heart be broken before it’s so shattered it can’t be repaired?

“Cooper and his brother, Riley, were rescued after Riley was seen running on a busy road, and Charlene followed him to the area where they were living. They were terribly malnourished but so sweet and loving! At the shelter, where food was plentiful, they both quickly started to thrive and grow,” the official post of the organisation read.

According to the introductory post by HelpAWS, sometimes, when an animal has a rapid growth spurt, it can develop a condition called hypertrophic osteodystrophy, an auto-inflammatory disease of the bones. The volunteers conveyed and said that they were devastated to arrive at the shelter one morning to find Cooper unable to stand or walk and in a lot of pain. But, with a regiment of meds and therapy, he was soon as spunky as ever, until it happened again! The second time Cooper fell ill, we knew he must get to our vet in Canada ASAP.

It further informed that Cooper quickly responded to the treatment and therapy provided in Canada. Although he needed to continue therapy to strengthen his growing body, he was ready to start his happily ever after. But this boy can’t catch a break! His 1st adopter decided he was “too active” for them; apparently, they were expecting a couch potato puppy who didn’t require much attention (sigh). Cooper moved to his 2nd “forever” home last week, and today she notified us that she is “too old” to care for a puppy and would like to return him like he’s a sweater that doesn’t fit or something!

The organisation stated that not once has there been an issue with Cooper’s behaviour, temperament, or condition. This PERFECT puppy who has fought so hard to overcome so much is getting tossed around like a rag doll simply because the people who committed to loving and caring for him have decided it’s not convenient to have a puppy. It is so sad and disappointing because he deserves so much more!

It further outlined Cooper is smart, curious, playful, cuddly, and SO deserving of a person or family that understands the meaning of unconditional love and commitment. If that’s you, go to to complete an adoption application.