Saint Lucia: HelpAWS explains the definition of unconditional love
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS explains the definition of unconditional love || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS Facebook

Castries, Saint Lucia: The dog shelter organisation of Castries, Saint Lucia – HelpAWS, has its unique way of explaining the definition of unconditional love. “Unconditional love is love without strings attached. It’s love that is offered freely. It isn’t based on what will be given in return. You simply love and want nothing more than their happiness,” the social media post by the organisation.

It further added that unconditional love is the only kind a dog knows how to give. Dogs don’t care how you look, how much money you have, or what kind of car you drive. A dog would happily live in a cardboard box with its person, wanting nothing more than to simply be together.

According to the post by the organisation, which has been working to decrease the suffering of animals in the country, a dog’s capacity to love is 1000x more than the size of its heart. And all it wants, ever, is a person to give all that love to and maybe some treats for good measure.

Further, it outlined that it’s a unique and special quality dogs possess, and one we humans could learn so much from – love without judgment, without expectation, without retribution. It is difficult to describe to someone who has never experienced the love and devotion of their own dog. It’s something that has to be experienced – felt – to understand.

“Our shelter is full of hearts that are just waiting for a person of their own to shower with unconditional love. Could that be you? Don’t be shy, apply! Go to to see bios and photos of our available pups and to complete an online adoption application,” it mentioned while concluding the post.