Saint Lucia: Health Ministry receives 80 vaccine carriers from PAHO
Saint Lucia: Health Ministry receives 80 vaccine carriers from PAHO Picture Courtesy: Government of Saint Lucia
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Saint Lucia: The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs received the donation of 80 vaccine carriers from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) this week. The donation of UCD 3500 was made towards the health authority of the country.

According to the update by the health ministry of Saint Lucia, these carriers will increase the strength of the cold chain program to make sure that needed vaccines are accessible. The vaccine carriers will be delivered to hard-to-reach areas of the nation. The ministry furthermore claimed that this initiative had been taken to reduce the spread of vaccine-preventable disease, and it is a part of ongoing technical cooperation.

Reynold Hewitt, the country program specialist for PAHO, stated that the organisation is very glad to donate the vaccine carriers to the Health Ministry of Saint Lucia. He further expressed that this donation will successfully assist in the immunisation programme.

The health organisation sees immunisation as the flagship programme of the organisation and makes an effort to ensure that every member state has the capacity to always respond to prevent outbreaks of diseases that can be treated by vaccines.

The government of Saint Lucia has been putting more effort into developing the health sector of the nation. It has been introducing and implementing new rules and regulations to enhance the growth of the sector, which will increase medical security for the people of the country.