Saint Lucia Commerce Ministry to hold 3 days online workshop for MSME Loan Applicants

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Saint Lucia: The Ministry of Commerce, Saint Lucia introduces a three day Business Plan Development workshop. The workshop will be conducted online from and the ministry is encouraging the applicants of MSME Loan Grant Facility to be a part of the workshop.

The aim for the workshop is to improve the quality of the applications and increase its success chances. The workshop would enable participants (MSME loan applicants) to refine the business proposals by fostering innovations, sustainability and scalability.

Also, this will provide an aid to the applicants in identifying gaps and addressing the issues. Through the mentorship and guidance from the online workshop directs towards strong business ideas for the applications. 

The workshop will be held on three different days. However, the timing announced is the same, that is, 5 pm to 7 pm. Three different days for the workshop are;

  • Day 1 on April 9
  • Day 2 on April 16
  • Day 3 on April 23

Day 1 of the workshop will include foundations to a strong business proposal. This will help align the business plans with the demands of the sectors. The two hours workshop would foster strong business proposals through the teachings learnt from the Workshop.

Day 2 will have all the discussions related to the power of segmentation. This will help in understanding the market segmentation in order to create compelling value. Through this, participants would get to understand about the market segments.

Day 3 of the workshop has the subject “Putting it all together.” This by its name only suggests combining all the aspects that can lead to better results. This will include designing an effective business proposal that truly represents the opportunities your business has.

The registration for the workshop is now open and the interested ones can register themselves and can have access to learn the teachings which will be provided through the workshop.

George Henry
George Henry
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