Saint Lucia CIP - provides plentiful business opportunities to investors

Saint Lucia CIP – provides plentiful business opportunities to investors

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Saint Lucia: The small island country which is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea and shares a border with the Atlantic Ocean, it is a perfect location to call a second home. The country is not only popular for its beauty and mesmerizing climate but also for enabling one to expand the business worldwide by offering the world’s number 1 Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

The programme enables an investor to attain alternative citizenship by financially investing in the development and upliftment of the country. The CIP ensures applicants will seek plenty of opportunities and assists in establishing a premier service.

The CIP of Saint Lucia has been known across the world because of its due diligence background checks. The applications by applications (or investors) are examined by the third party independent firm after the CIP Unit of the country. The documents are thoroughly scrutinized by the firm to provide alternative citizenship to credible and honest investors. The transparency is maintained by the firm as well as the unit, and it also maintains an open dialogue with the service providers.

The CIP of the country is known for its efficiency. While maintaining strict due diligence criteria, the authority continually seeks to review and improve. The Saint Lucia CIP reviews every application similarly, without preference or prejudice. Every applicant can expect to receive the same experience and attention to detail. It is worth noting that the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia will offer numerous benefits to individuals who will invest and attain alternative citizenship. One of the key benefits is the alternative citizenship of Saint Lucia allows an individual to travel to around 70 percent of the world.

Other opportunities offered by the CIP Saint Lucia are:

1. The applicants can add additional dependants, including spouses, children, parents, and grandparents.
2. Alternative citizenship provides a citizenship legacy, which means you may gift your second citizenship to the next generation.
3. The citizenship will provide an opportunity to promote your business at the international level, which will help in wealth planning and portfolio diversification.
4. You will be a global citizen.
5. Alternative citizenship will make a peaceful, secure as well as safe place your second home.

Citizenship can be attained by the investor through “National Economic Fund Investment”. The investors can apply for alternative citizenship by financially contributing to government-sponsored projects. Once an application for citizenship by investment via the NEF route has been approved, the following minimum investment of USD 100,000 is made.

Applicants applying with their spouse must contribute a minimum of USD 140,000 and while other applicants applying with a spouse and up to two other qualifying dependants, the investment is USD 150,000.

The investment for each additional qualifying dependant of an applicant applying with a spouse and two other qualifying dependants is USD 15,000, and each additional qualifying dependent is USD 25,000.

Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia
Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia

Additional Dependents

The children, spouse and dependants can be added later within three (3) years of receiving approval by just paying only the passport fee-

Newborn child – USD 500
Spouse – USD 35,000
Dependent – USD 25,000

The Fund Option of the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia assisted the country in various developmental projects and has also contributed to various projects such as the construction of various buildings, bridges, roads as well as infrastructure. Additionally, the fund option also majorly contributed to the redevelopment of the Hewanorra International Airport. The airport will provide easy access to main tourist attractions along the pristine Caribbean Sea on the western coastline, such as the Pitons – Saint Lucia’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic town of Soufrière, the Soufriere Sulphur Springs, the Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens, etc. which are all approximately 30km away, place them at an advantageous location.

The government used the funds as a source in times of catastrophe and to meet the challenges posed by climate change. For the first two years of the programmes, the funds were placed in the consolidated fund and helped in turning around a budget deficit.

How to apply for alternative citizenship?

The interested investors might apply for the alternative citizenship of Saint Lucia through the following steps:

Step 1 Application: Complete the application process.
Step 2 Submission: The investor has to submit the application by uploading it on the CIP portal.
Step 3 Due Diligence: The application will undergo strict background check procedure, and documents will be undertaken by the CIP staff and independent due-diligence firm.
Step 4 Decision: The application is presented to the Board for a decision, which decides the selection and rejection of the application.
Step 5 Certification: The certificates will be provided to the investors.

Saint Lucia:

Saint Lucia is a beautiful small island in the Caribbean and is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on the West Coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast. The exquisite small island nation is not any ordinary island as it is one of just two sovereign countries in the world to be named after a woman (Saint Lucia of Syracuse). The authentic Saint Lucia island is filled with various hidden gems, such as the majestic Piton Mountains, Marigot Bay, New Jerusalem Mineral Baths, and Piton Falls, among others. Saint Lucia is famous for its white and black sand beaches and lush rainforests.

The small Caribbean country is indeed a quintessential island paradise, which is home to mesmerizing and breathtaking beauty. The island’s landscape, people, customs, and cuisine intertwine to provide the perfect setting for the vacation of a lifetime. There is no shortage of fun and exciting activities. The nation is known for happening parties. Events in Saint Lucia range from weekly street jump-ups and fish fries to rich cultural celebrations and vibrant music festivals. An individual can experience incredible traditions and learn about local heritage, all while having the time of your life.