Saharan dust covers Barbados, BMS issues dust haze advisory

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Bridgetown: A significant increase in the Saharan dust poses a great threat to the people as it reduces visibility across the nation. The Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) announced a dust haze advisory as they noticed a thick plume of dust passing the island.

The authorities advised the nationals to take necessary precautions to avoid any illness, especially elderly adults, pregnant women, and children. People suffering from respiratory issues should keep inhalers with them.

Noting this, they are advised to immediately arrive at the doctor during the initial stage of difficult or tough breathing. Such dust haze conditions are affecting the island since last week. Notably, the meteorologists have an increase in the Saharan Dust in the atmosphere.

The impact of the dust haze can be seen at the marine areas as well. The sea-bathers and the mariners are strictly suggested to avoid stepping into the water. In case of emergency, they are encouraged to use life-guards.

Today’s Weather Update

The BMS shared that the people of Barbados may experience Partly sunny weather. A synopsis stated that a ridge pattern will remain dominant across the island.

Winds Forecast Info: The meteorologists revealed that the winds will remain moderate easterly breeze at around 30 km/hour, which is almost equal to 19 mph and decreasing. However, there is sixty per cent chances of this forecast.

Marine Forecast Info: The seas are forecasted to be smooth to moderate in the open waters with swells ranging from 1.0 to 1.5 meters (3 to 5ft) and there is a probability that it will be increasing.

Additionally, the nationals are strictly advised to practice the necessary precautions and keep themselves indoors, especially during the afternoon time. They are asked to wear dust masks or face masks, when venturing outside their homes.

Moreover, the authorities are implementing every possible step to stand against the unhealthy air across the Barbados. They hoped for public support and patience during this time.

Ana Allen
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