Royal Bahamas Defense Force and Belize Defense Force arrive in Jamaica for CARICOM Joint Task Force

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Contingents of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and the Belize Defense Force are currently in Jamaica for training exercise which has been given the name Trogon Shield.

The program will allow these contingents to be integrated with Jamaican soldiers and police for a CARICOM Joint Task Force, a novel initiative which looks to bolster the capabilities of these armed forces and law enforcement authorities.

Th Canadian government is partnering with the government of Jamaica, which is acting as the host for this Joint Contingency Training Exercise which is expected to come to a close on the 26th of April.

The Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) issued a statement in which it said that the exercise will enable security forces in Caribbean nations to prepare adequately for multi-national security operations which could possibly be conducted in the Caribbean region considering the current state of affairs.

Belize Defence Force (BDF) contingent has arrived in Jamaica. (Credits: Associated Belize Press, Facebook)
Belize Defence Force (BDF) contingent has arrived in Jamaica. (Credits: Associated Belize Press, Facebook)

Caricom Joint Task Force is a cumulation of service personnel from the JDF, Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the Belize Defense Force and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force.

Their objective with in the remit of the exercise is to train, plan and practice operations which fit into a wide range of scenarios enabling them to conduct security operations in a variety of ways.

The JDF issued the following statement, “Ex Trogon Shield is yet another demonstration of this robust partnership between Canada and the nations of the region.”

The governments of Canada and the United States have contributed significantly to this initiative which is the result of eight months of collaborative training.

The volatile situation in the Caribbean, specially when it come to Haiti and the territorial dispute between Guyana and Venezuela has left many nations in the region on uneasy footing.

With questions being raise about the efficacy of the overall security blanket over the Caribbean and Latin American region, it was necessary in the eyes of many to have some form of a collaborative effort which allows Caribbean nations to world together in the face of an existential threat.

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