Resurfacing of Soufriere Basketball Court is completed: Dominica Minister Denise Charles
Resurfacing of Soufriere Basketball Court is completed: Dominica Minister Denise Charles || Picture Courtesy: Minister Denise Charles (Facebook)

Roseau, Dominica: Denise Charles, Parliamentary Representative of Soufriere Constituency, recently shared an update related to the completion of the construction process of the Soufriere Basketball Court.

Minister Charles shared the update with the general public of the constituency and the country. “The resurfacing of the Soufriere Basketball Court is completed!” read her official social media update.

Further, she shared the future plans of the government and mentioned that the authorities of the Commonwealth of Dominica are thinking of re-installing and rehabilitating ‘New Hoops.’

Denise Charles, who also serves as Minister of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives, through social media, noted, “The next phase includes Painting, Fencing, and Installation of New Hoops!”

Furthermore, she took a moment to thank other ministers of Dominica and mentioned that all the development and advancement are only possible because of the continuous support and assistance of all who are working days and nights for the successful execution of every plan.

While extending thanks and gratitude, the minister stated, “Special thanks to Minister Fidel Grant, PS Emile Lancelot, Public Works, The NEP Team, the SSG Village Council and PDV Caribe for their assistance and support in the execution of this project!”

She added, “I want to particularly highlight Eddie Bellot and the team for volunteering to handle the painting and fencing so we can properly upgrade the facility!”

In addition to this, she also congratulated Denise Charles SeaHawks and motivated them to bring the trophy back home. “Let’s Go, Denise Charles SeaHawks — Bring the trophy home to the Soufriere Constituency!” Parliamentary Representative mentioned.