Result of 7th Annual Lucian Grand Prix Swim Meet announced

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The Rodney Height Aquatic Centre recently hosted the 7th Annual Lucian Grand Prix Swim Meet. The competition took place over three days and was dominated by young swimmers.

Notably, the Seajays Swim Club emerged as the winner among 140 competitive swimmers, which included participants from Sharks, Lightning Aquatic, Southern Flying Fish, Seajays, and Racers.

Seajays captured first place at the 2023 Lucian Grand Prix Swim Meet, amassing a combined total of 1153 points to secure the top spot. Seajays Legends Swim Club congratulated all the swimmers, parents of the participants, and coaches. The club also extended special thanks to swimming moms Karen and Charon, who were the true champions of the meet.

Sharks secured the second spot with 914 points, while the third position was claimed by Lightning Aquatic with 885 points.

Lightning Aquatics Swim Club expressed gratitude to coaches Peter James, Ronald Charles, Yasmin Tyson, Tariq Edward, and volunteer coach Miguel Louisy. The club also thanked Team Manager Jennifer and all others who assisted in ensuring the well-being of the swimmers.

Highlights of the Grand Prix 2023 for Lightning Aquatics Swim Club:

Individual Rankings

For ages eight and under:


  • Jolene Raphael secured the second place with 43 points.
  • Gianna Biscette claimed the 8th position with 4 points.


  • Jonah Dormer secured the third position with 47 points.
  • Jordan Daniel claimed the 6th position with 34 points.
  • Nolan Louis secured the 9th position with 17 points.
  • Daniel Ferdinand sits in the 11th position with 5 points.

For ages 9-10:


  • Taija Cazaubon and Naomi Louis secured the 9th position with 13 points.
  • Abigail Nicholas claimed the 13th position with 3 points.


  • Jayce Daniel held the 7th position with 15 points.

For ages 11-12:


  • Amara Reece secured the first position with 57 points.
  • Kaelann Griffith claimed the 7th position with 19 points.
  • Minja Edwin sits in the 9th position with 9 points.


  • Aaron Charles secured the third position with 51 points.
  • Liam Felicien claimed the fifth spot with 34 points.

For ages 13-14:


  • Fayth Luburn secured the first spot with 51 points.
  • Amandine Masse claimed the fourth spot with 37 points.


  • Fabian Raymond claimed the fifth spot with 36 points.
  • Thai-Reid Joseph secured the 7th spot with 29 points.

For ages 15-17:


  • Karic Charles secured the first position with 63 points.
  • Ethan Hazell claimed the second spot with 59 points.
  • Diandre Edwin sits in the 7th position with 28 points.
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