Rene Butcher the new President of Rotary in Barbados

Rene Butcher the new President of Rotary in Barbados
Rene Butcher the new President of Rotary in Barbados

Rene Butcher has been announced s the new President of Rotary for the year of 2020- 2021. Butcher had previously worked as Attorney-at-law with a broad litigation practice in Barbados related to civil and commercial matters as well as the Eastern Caribbean. He mainly focuses on civil and commercial litigation, client advisory and dispute resolution.

Rene Butcher, in present times, is a member of the law firm Inter-Caribbean Legal. Butcher has been a professional Rotarian who work on the ideals of Rotary and uses as examples the work that Rotary does in the improvement of quality of lives of people Globally. The Rotary works on its motto, “Service above Self”, resonates deeply with him.


According to Rene Butcher, the theme for the year would be “Because We Can and Because We Care!” which catches the spirit of the Rotary Club of Barbados West. Butcher said that in this present year, they as a Club would challenge themselves and also in future. They would continue to demonstrate their drive, unity, and commitment to impacting the success and wellbeing of Barbadians, and the overall community. They have determined to make a difference. The new Rotary Club president Rene Butcher highlighted his signature project that is a national screening program for students with hearing loss.

Rene Butcher said that with God’s help and the work of their partners, they would be launching a hearing assessment project in the upcoming year across this island. Phase 1 of that project would be focusing on the students from ages 6 to 7years. Phase II would involve students across all age groups ranging from ages 3 to 11. They intend to complete both Phases by the end of 2023.

The other initiatives for the 2021/2022 Rotary Year would be building the Club’s strong focus on developing literacy skills, general health programs and the use of technology while teaching and learning.

The Club has enjoyed a long history of community service in Barbados. For the last forty-five years, members had supported the community in the field of education, health, disaster response and protecting the environment.