Read Here: Budget proposals for 2022 of St Kitts and Nevis

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St Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance Dr Timothy Harris presented the Budgetary proposals for 2022 on Tuesday, where Appropriation (2022) Bill, 2021, of approximately EC$952.2 million was demonstrated. 

Cheerful news came for the patrons, as the government announced to pay double salary to all the civil servants before Christmas to assist them financially. 

The prime minister underscored the study released by the IMF, which indicates the growth of St Kitts and Nevis economy in double-digit terms. 

The Substantial stimulus packages and numerous capital projects initiated by the Team Unity government would continue to strengthen the economy of the twin-island Federation. 

 “If all things remain the same, we anticipate we will realise an overall surplus of 4M, a primary surplus of 21.8M for the fiscal year 2022,” the prime minister underscored. 

As per the statistics revealed by PM Harris, the recurrent revenue of the twin-island Federation is projected at around $853M and recurrent expenditure is projected at $723M, adding that the government is optimistic about the revenue to be generated in the upcoming year. 

While highlighting the amount allocated to National security, which is 80.1M, the leader cited that the primary responsibility of his administration remains to safeguard its population.  

“We will continue our efforts to keep the country safe and none can deny that St Kitts and Nevis in 2021 is far more at peace and far safer than it was up to 2014. The primary responsibility of the state must be to protect the people from harm. When it comes to national security preserving the peace, we make no apology for investing”. 

The COVID-19 made the world realise to have a strong and developed health infrastructure; following on the same path; the Team Unity administration authorised a sum amount of $73M to the sector. 

A general surgeon, urologist, oncologist, orthopaedic surgeon, ear nose and throat specialist would also be recruited for the health institutions, noting that introduction of a new MRI machine to be installed at the JNF General Hospital for the first time.

While referring to the Citizenship Investment Programme, he asserted, We have transformed our CBI; we have come a long way from the difficult period in 2014. The robust procedures that are embedded in the program have enabled us to maintain our platinum brand and have ensured we take a significant share in the major markets around the world”. 

Amounts allocated to the other sectors are – 

  • The Governor-General they have provided $1.73M
  • The working of the Parliament $1.97M
  • Audit Office $1.27M
  • Justice and Legal Affairs $12.3M
  • The Office of the Prime Minister $110M
  • National Security is allocated $80M
  • The Ministry of International Trade Industry $5.3M
  • The Ministry of Finance $300M
  • Social Development and Gender Affairs $42.7M
  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine Resources is allocated $20.2M;\
  • Tourism and Transport $32.7M
  • Public Infrastructure and Post 59M
  • Education gets $104M
  • Youth Sports and Culture get $11.7M
  • Sustainable Development gets $25M
  • Foreign Affairs and Aviation$25M
  • The Office of the Attorney General gets $12.3M
  •  Labour gets $7.06M
  •  Human Settlement and Ecclesiastical Affairs and National Health Insurance get $11.5M
  • Environmental and Cooperatives $2.9M
  • Entrepreneurship & Communications $9.28M for a total expenditure of $952M.

 Apart from this, the prime minister highlighted the steps initiated by the administration in the agriculture, cannabis industry and to get back on the track tourism sector.