QEH executes first FFA test, enables doctors to detect diabetes through eye exam

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Bridgetown, Barbados: The doctor of Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s eye clinic executed its first Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) on Tuesday. This new test enables doctors to detect diabetes and sickle cell disease through an eye examination.

The trial was carried out by Dr Charles Pierce, a consultant medical retina specialist, along with his team.  He said that with the advent of this test, it will be easier for doctors to detect the actual disease and its effect on the back part of the eye will also be examined.

“It’s a fairly simple produce. We inject dye into the arm. And then we take a series of pictures of the back of the eye, where you can see the details of the blood vessels, exactly how the blood is flowing and if we see any abnormal blood vessels, we can start the treatment at that point”, Dr Pierce added while defining the procedure of the test.

It is to be noted that the introduction of this new test at QEH will help to identify the diseases that can also affect the retina, the back of the eye and prevent diabetic blindness.

According to Dr Pierce, the test would prove vital in saving and curing the eyesight of the patients, who are suffering from diabetic eye disease. He continued his statement this examination allows earlier detection, intervention and treatment.

Moreover, the FFA test can also help in finding retinal vein occlusion, which leads to a blockage in the veins. It supplies blood to the retina, often associated with diabetes.

As per sources, Barbados witnessing a small spike in diabetic patients in the Federation. Noting this, the retinal ophthalmologist expressed its commitment that the hospital’s Lons Eye Care Centre will address this issue and try every possible thing in its power to respond to the increasing demand for this test.

Dr Pierce urged diabetic patients to visit the medical facility for the routine check-up of their eyes, one may experience the eye disease during the last stages of the illness.

With the advent of the FFA test, the QEH eye clinic will cover all the subspecialties in ophthalmology and will support the doctors in treating the most common to the rarest eye diseases.

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