Prime Minister Pierre with other senior officials hold bilateral talks with Venezuela officials. (Picture courtesy- Government of Saint Lucia)

Prime Minister Pierre strengthens ties with Venezuela through bilateral meeting

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre marked the journey of a favourable alliance on the victorious bilateral state visit to Venezuela on October 6, 2023.The agenda of the meeting was to promote peace and cooperation between both alliances.

The meeting was attended by high-level delegates from Venezuela and Saint Lucia, which highlighted their rekindled alliance.

Prime Minister Pierre initiated the discussion on the key factors of the meeting, which will boost the strategic partnership and commitments of both nations to grow mutually.

Some of the key agreements of this meeting are as follows-

  1. A relevant agreement asserted both nations swear to respect the sovereignty of each other.
  2. To follow the policy of non-interference in each other’s internal affairs or disputes and to promote peace.
  3. Notably, they legalized an air service agreement.
  4. To showcase the commitment of both nations to their mutual growth and cooperation.

Prime Minister Pierre collaborated with Venezuela on a pioneering agreement to contribute asphalt and bitumen to Saint Lucia, which will help to reduce the maintenance costs and construction of the roads and lead to the development of local contractors and infrastructure.

Further discussion on these agreements will be supported by the Minister of Infrastructure and Senior Minister with Venezuela Authorities.

Contributions of Venezuela to Saint Lucia:

Venezuela constantly provides agricultural support to Saint Lucia by providing urea fertilizer. Their contribution became a helping hand in promoting the sustainability, productivity and production of food in the agricultural sector.

Alfred Prosper, Minister of Agriculture, looks forward to exploring the opportunities in the agricultural sector at a glance during his forthcoming visit to Venezuela.

Upcoming Discussions:

Prime Minister Pierre and his Venezuelan peers have drafted a ground plan for their future collaboration. The upcoming meetings will touch on the opportunities in infrastructure, energy, housing, agriculture and so on.

The main focus of these meetings is to mark the contribution of Venezuela to Saint Lucia, which will support the well-being and growth of both nations.