Police officer- Cpl Carlon Mitchell, killed in shooting outside the Couva bar. (Credits: T&T Guardian, Facebook)

Police officer killed in Couva, incident raises question of public security

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: A police officer was shot dead in Couva outside the bar on Friday. The people across the area heard the terrifying sound of gunshots and informed police. The police recovered the body and began their investigation.

It is to be noted that the deceased was identified as Cpl Carlon Mitchell. According to the reports, the victim was in a bar till late at night on Friday. As soon as he came out of the bar, an unidentified assailant opened fire. 

At around 1 am, people across the area heard the sounds of firing from the vicinity of Lolita Bar near Southern Main Road, Mc Bean at Couva. As soon as they reached the scene, they found Mitchell lying motionless on the ground. 

As per sources, it has been said the police officer might have been shot with his own gun during a confrontation with another man, and he was involved in an argument prior to the physical exchange that led to his death. 

Noting this, they informed the police, and officers responded to the matter and arrived at the crime scene. Upon arrival, they discovered Mitchell lying face down on the pavement. They thoroughly checked the body and found multiple wounds in his chest. 

Notably, he had been shot several times in the upper body. Officers started their investigation and urged people with any information to come forward and assist with an investigation. 

The terrifying death of a police officer raised a question of public safety, which is at risk. Many people across the nation took to their social media handle (Facebook) to express their concern and grief regarding the death of Mitchell. 

While reacting to the news, a person named Rozz Johan wrote, “Very Sad Indeed, if only they could have settled their differences amicably, Condolences to his bereaved family, colleagues and loved ones, RIP.”

Another FB user by the name of Teddy Rampersad commented, “Sad, so sad. In Trinidad bandits have more guns daily, no respect for human life. Next police gunned down. Will Hinds solve these murders?”

The rising crimes in Trinidad and Tobago challenged the safety of many people, including tourists, during the carnival. A FB user named Sky Cloud commented, “How could carnival be safe when the criminals are killing out the police officer who will make it safe Hinds the National Security minister will stand guard he can’t even safe guards his team and he talking about the public.”