PM Terrance Drew congratulates public servants for facilitating successful festive season

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The Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Terrance Drew expressed his delight as this year’s Christmas and SugarMas Carnival is considered as one of the safest celebrations till date.

While expressing his gratitude and immense pride, he extended a vote of thanks to all the citizens of the Federation for their immense contribution in making this event a huge success.

“The 2023 Christmas season and our SugarMas52 celebrations have been solidly documented in the annuals of St Kitts and Nevis history. This is one of the safest Christmas and Carnival celebrations till date. I say this while feeling immense pride and gratitude in my spirit,” said PM Drew.

He also stated that he is very grateful and extremely proud of his country for the right choices made by the people and for considering safety as their top priority throughout the events held during the festive seasons.

PM Drew also extended gratitude to Commissioner of Police James Sutton and the authorities of the Royal St Christopher and the Nevis Police Force, the soldiers of the St Kitts and Nevis Defence Force as well as Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Comrie for fruitfully serving their duties and responsibilities. He also appreciated them for their unwavering commitment and dedication in order to maintain peace throughout the event in the entire nation.

The leader of the nation stated that “the dedicated and diligent work of the officers this season has undoubtedly raised the standard of safety and security in the country.”

He also acknowledged the National Security Advisor, Dr Lionel V. Rawlins and Special Advisor Dr Edwin Powell and staff for helping to deliver one of the safest carnivals of the Federation.

PM Drew, while expressing his thankfulness, noted, “I thank you on behalf of the entire nation for this tremendous feat. Let us continue on this path to create a sound environment of peace and security.”

PM Drew also shared a few glimpses of the Christmas event and the SugarMas Carnival, along with that he also shared a picture of Miss Desnarine Hanley, the winner of Miss St Kitts and Nevis Queen Pageant through his Facebook account while expressing joy as this season’s Christmas and Carnival were quite well organised and appreciated by many for being the cherry on top of a wonderful festive season.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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