PM Roosevelt Skerrit wishes Merry Christmas with a heartfelt message

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit wished the general public with a heartfelt Christmas Eve message.  

PM Skerrit wishes people on Christmas eve.

Roseau, Dominica: Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit wished the general public with a heartfelt Christmas Eve message.  

In a video message, PM Skerrit asserted, “God so loved the world that he gave his only child (son); indeed these passages of scripture resonates with new meaning at this time which reminds us that God is all-powerful, that through all the changing sins of life and all its uncertainties, we all need God with us”. 

“Just like the father gave up his son for us, we all must give ourselves sacrificially,” the prime minister said while highlighting the sacrifices of God, adding that if one could think what the world is going through, the deadliest COVID-19 pandemic is reminding people to get back to this ageless true love”. 

“This year, as we exchange gifts with loved ones, let us all be mindful that God’s gift of his only son was the most precious gift of all. Despite all the challenges of the time, in this Christmas, even as we mourn the demise of our loved ones, as we express anxiety over the new COVID-19 variant- ‘Omicorn’ and several other ways in which the pandemic has affected our families and our way of life, we should reflect on all that we have to be grateful and place our trust on the God who is with us through every difficulty”. 

Another lesson which the COVID-19 has taught us all is the “interconnectedness” of the human family, noting that it becomes the responsibility of all to take actions against climate change. 

“The government of Dominica has been focusing on safeguarding livelihoods through an aggressive pandemic response defined by effective disease surveillance procurement of equipment and services and a vaccination program rollout that ensured citizens had quick and equitable access to life-saving vaccines”. 

Besides this, PM Skerrit also underscored the efforts and plans executed by his administration in tackling the COVID-19 outbreak and reviving the economy of Dominica while commending the hard work and dedication of the healthcare workers, noting, “we salute their heroic efforts”. 

He advised the general public to celebrate the eve season responsibly, remarking, “on behalf of my family, the Dominican liberal party which I have the honour to lead and the government of Dominica I wish every Dominican the joy the love, the blessings found in Christ and a new year filled with good health peace personal and national prosperity God bless you God bless your family. Merry Christmas to all of Dominicans“.