PM Gaston Browne gets threatening for mandatory vaccination policy

PM Browne suggested for tax cutting in price of airline tickets in Caribbean region

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Implementation tax cuts on airline tickets across the region could be an opportunity during this time of COVID-19 pandemic for Caribbean Government PM Gaston Browne said this.

Gaston Browne said that then was the time for them to cut the taxes even by 50%, and he does accept that they might not be able to determine the elasticity of pricing on travel demand because naturally, regional and intra-regional would remain relatively low during this period of COVID. But the fact that they were not collecting, or they were hardly collecting anything at that time, it was not revenue they were giving away. They could not give away what they were not earning,” who plans to his use chairmanship of the regional unification movement, CARICOM, next month to launch the action.
Another financial benefit can be taken from this initiative. In that case, the leaders of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States have also been supporting this initiative.

While talking about the implementation of tax cuts for a temporary period, he said that he had spoken to his colleagues within the OECS that then was the time. He could tell them that his colleagues were looking at that seriously, and he believed that he should have that capability to convince them to do something then.

PM Browne also said that it could even be for a short-lived period. If we say, look between now and therefore the end of the year to 12 months, I don’t doubt that one, it’ll end in incremental revenue. At an equivalent time, it’ll also give us some idea maybe the worth elasticity of those tickets that carry an essential component in terms of state taxes.

Gaston, in the end, stated that he was of the view too that was one of the ways to incentivize fully vaccinated persons. They could have a bubble involving fully vaccinated persons for allowing them to check travel intra-regionally and without any quarantine.