Peter David is the first choice of Grenada to lead NNP

Peter David is the first choice of Grenada to lead NNP

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Peter David is the first choice of Grenadians to lead the opposition New National Party (NNP). The findings of an on-ground survey by Writeups24 show that Keith Mitchell has lost his grip over the people as he received a very small proportion of votes in the survey.

Over 3000 people participated in the survey, with over 73percent showing their confidence in Peter David who was formerly Minister of Agriculture in 2021.

David has come up as a strong contender as the New National Party (NNP) strikes for a change within its leadership.  Many people who participated in the survey commented that the change of leadership in the NNP can positively affect the overall political landscape of the country.

It is expected that if Peter David manages to win over the NNP, as he has already won over the public, then a certain change in the party’s stance against the ruling government is expected.

In the survey carried out by Writeups 24 revealed that more than majority of 73 percent people voted in favour of David, thrashing down Mitchell’s leadership giving him only 27 percent of total votes.

A significant vote in favour of a new leader shows how eagerly the followers of the NNP await a change in the party.

Amid the ongoing turmoil within the opposition of Grenada, Writeups24 carried out an on-ground survey. The aim was to discover who the public was pleased to see as the leader of the New National Party, currently being headed by Keith Mitchell- Former Prime Minister.

Over 3000 individuals actively engaged in the survey, with a substantial 73 percent voters expressing their preference for David as the new leader.

Supporters cited various reasons for endorsing him, including his proven track record in implementing impactful policies, his commitment to transparent governance, and his ability to foster unity within the party.

“Peter David embodies the vision, integrity, and passion needed to lead the New National Party of Grenada into a brighter future,” said one participant of the survey.

Many voters highlighted David’s vision for economic growth and social development as key factors influencing their choice, emphasising his strategic approach to addressing pressing issues.

“Peter David is the right person to lead the New National Party in Grenada. He cares a lot about the country and has good ideas to make it better for everyone. With him, the party and the country can grow and do well together,” added another participant while expressing their remarks as part of the survey.

Additionally, his reputation for effective communication and accessibility resonated with voters, fostering a sense of trust and confidence in his leadership capabilities.

Notably, 76-year-old Keith Mitchell served as Grenada’s prime minister from 1995 to 2008 and from 2013 to June 2022.  The tragic loss at the 2022 General Elections is also one of the major reason people have parted their ways from Keith Mitchell’s leadership from NNP. The current challenge of leadership with the NNP is reminding everybody of the times when Keith Mitchell had challenged Herbert Blaize for leadership.

“It’s time for a change in leadership. Keith Mitchell has been in charge for a long time, and we need fresh ideas. Peter David offers a new vision that can bring positive changes for Grenada. It’s time to let someone new lead and guide our country toward a brighter future,” added another participant of the survey.

Peter David comes from a strong political background, and he also served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2018. He is an alma mater of Essex University and has a strong hold over the youth of Grenada.