People of Guyana raise US$300,000 to aid Palestinians

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Guyana has raised money for the benefit of the Palestinians who have been affected severely by the conflict in Gaza between the IDF and Hamas. the collection came through a charity event held at the Ramadan village, conducted under the theme, “A Night of Prayer for Global Peace, Guyana and Palestine.”

The event highlights the mood in Guyana as the nation faces the threat of Venezuela, its neighbor which has been looking to annex the mineral rich Essequibo region. Having said that, it also shows that Guyana is aware of the impact that global conflicts have had on innocent civilians, as is evident from the wars in Ukraine and Gaza.

In a show of solidarity with those who have been put at risk by these conflicts and hoping for peace, the charity event was organized on the 27th night of Ramadan, called Laylat Al Qadr.

The event was a significant affair for Guyana and was attended by influential dignitaries such as President Irfaan Ali himself.

President Ali made it a point to use the platform as a means to express how disturbed the people of Guyana are by the plight of the Palestinian people and the fact that a resolution to the conflict has not been secured.

He added that the event was meant to promote a collective sense of love among all humans in the world and remind them of their inherent humanity in such difficult times.

Guyana has been known to make considerable donations towards global humanitarian efforts, placing the nation high on the list when compared to the rest of the world.

With that in mind, President Irfaan Ali stated the following, “Our DNA as Guyanese, we are built to love, we are built to share, we have sacrificed. Even when we had very little, Guyana sacrificed every single time that the world was in need.”

From President Ali’s perspective, the event was a representation of the people of Guyana and the values that the nation espouses. As the leader of his nation, he spoke on behalf of his people and demanded that the two sides agree to an immediate ceasefire.

He also asked that the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank should be allowed the freedom to live their lives with respect and dignity. He was adamant that the situation should not go back to the way it was for the Palestinians as they were subjected to injustices on a regular basis, which is unacceptable, especially in this day and age when information travels as fast as it does.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza claims that since the initiation of the conflict on the 7th of October 2023, 33,137 Palestinians including women and children have lost their lives in Gaza.

The situation is dire for the people trapped inside Gaza as Israel’s blockade around the region is keeping vital supplies out. The United Nations has warned that famine is right around the corner and will lead to widespread death, the likes of which the region is not prepared for.

Therefore, it is important that the international fraternity comes together via major forums and collectively pressure Israel to let food, water, medical supplies and aid flow into Gaza more freely.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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