Oxygen shortage claims lives of five at southern Gaza hospital

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Five patients lost their lives due to an oxygen shortage in southern Gaza’s main hospital. The health officials released their statement on Friday that the hospital is under the control of Israeli troops who harmed and injured people inside the facility.

It is also believed that the soldiers were searching the compound where they believed the remains of hostages captured by Hamas. For almost a week, the troops had seized Nasser Hospital in the southern city of Khan Younis which resulted in a raid.

Noting this, the staff, patients and others were struggling under heavy fire and suffering from the shortage of food and water during that time.

According to the statement of Israeli Military, the troops had confined number of people, who they believed were allegedly involved in the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

On Friday, two persons were shot dead and four were badly injured due to an attack by a bystander. However, the authorities have no reports of the culprit.

Later on Friday, Israeli security forces arrived at the Jerusalem home of a Palestinian man previously identified on social media as being linked to the attack.

Meanwhile, ceasefire talks in Gaza appear to be stalled and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday took a difficult step against the US post-war approach. He called for the creation of a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu talked to President Joe Biden overnight and he wrote on Twitter that Israel would not accept “International orders regarding a permanent solution with the Palestinians.”

Noting this, he claimed that if other countries unilaterally recognized a Palestinian state, it would “reward terrorism.” Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly rejected the creatin of a Palestinian state.

Israeli PM pledges to continue the offensive across to the Gaza city of Rahaf and also wants to expand over the areas of Egypt until Hamas is destroyed and they take back the hostages who were kept during the October 7 war.

Additionally, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) warned that people may lose their loves due to scarcity of food on Thursday.

The other agencies have also reported disruptions in relief deliveries to the Palestinian territory, which has been bombarded by Israel since a deadly Hamas attack occurred.

The head of the UN humanitarian agency OCHA in Gaza said that the territory was turned ‘into a wasteland of hunger and despair.’

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