Over 2575 people recovers from Covid-19 in Dominica

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Dominica: The Health Ministry of Dominica has shared the COVID-19 update report, which states that a total of 221 new coronavirus infections have been reported in the island country on 20 and 21 September 2021.

On the other hand, in total, 342 individuals have been discharged from the hospital facility in 48 hours, and currently, there are 548 active cases of COVID-19 in Dominica.

The total recoveries in the island country have increased to the toll of 2,575, as of 21 September, and the confirmed cases have risen to 3,134.

The Health Ministry’s report highlighted the figures of COVID-19 testings that have been done so far that is 68,333, out of which in total 25,937 were the RT-PCR tests while 42,396 are Rapid Antigen Test.

To date, a total of 23,534 individuals have received their first jab of the COVID-19 vaccine. In contrast, a total of 20915 individuals have welcomed their second doses and are now fully vaccinated against the contagious mutant.

Till 21 September 2021, 11 individuals have lost their lives to the deadliest mutant.

Worldwide there are a total of 230,485,818 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, in a total of 207,212,307 people got recovered, and around 4,725 592 individuals scummed to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Besides this, the Health Ministry has also urged the citizens to take their doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible so as to win this battle against the coronavirus and asked them to follow the COVID-19 health protocols such as – wearing masks, sanitizing frequently, and maintaining social distance.

The citizens can contact the health officials at the provided hotline numbers that are – (767) 448-2151, (767) 448-2153, (767) 448-2156, (767) 611-4325.

The island has also received a donation of 11,700 COVID-19 Pfizer vaccines from the United States government on Tuesday to support the nation in battling the contagious coronavirus outbreak. This was the first tranche of the 46,800 COVID-19 vaccine doses pledged by the US government, and the remaining 35,100 will arrive soon in Dominica.