44% target population fully vaccinated in Dominica

44% target population fully vaccinated in Dominica

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During statistical updation of COVID-19, National Epidemiologist Dr Shalaudin Ahmed stated that Dominica has 684 COVID-19 active, out of which 47 have been new cases reported. 673 active cases were reported after being tested under the rapid antigen-positive test, and on the other hand, 11 cases were PCR positive cases. 1239 COVID-19 cases have been recovered on island

National Epidemiologists Dr Shalaudin Ahmed addressed the briefing as he gave the statistical updation of the COVID-19 situation. National Coordinator for home isolation programme Dr Gilda Nesty-Tonge gave detailed information on the new updates of home isolation protocols.

Dominica experienced 5 COVID-19 related deaths, and all 5 person those died were reported as unvaccinated. Dr Ahmed said that total 52,226 people had been tested for COVID-19 by the medical teams of Dominica. 24,068 people were PCR tested, and 28,158 people were tested under Rapid Antigen Test.

Dr Ahmed said that 44% of the population in Dominica are now fully vaccinated. 5% of the population just vaccinated with 1st dose of double dose vaccine. Dominica is reporting 70 new cases as an average for last week.

Public health measures are taken by the Government, and stringent restrictions in movement by Government of Dominica. These restrictions have been resulted in mitigating the rising spread of COVID-19 cases on the island. The age of positive patients ranges from 3weeks to 103 years old.

The main contribution to the increasing COVID-19 cases is found among the unvaccinated group 75% this is where most symptomatic cases are present 76%. The officials said that the 5 deaths cases were unvaccinated.

Dr Gilda Nesty-Tonge said that symptomatic covid-19 patients would be admitted to the government quarantine facilities in Portsmouth without knowing the vaccination status. The patients would be kept under complete observation, and COVID-19 protocols will be followed at the quarantine facilities. Only fully vaccinated and asymptomatic patients would be allowed for home isolation. In Dominica, 187 persons are home isolated and closely observed by the team members of the home isolation program.