Oldest Saint Lucian Octavia Augustin passed away at age of 111

Oldest Saint Lucian Octavia Augustin passed away at age of 111

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia has been going through a shock wave after its oldest person – Octavia Augustin, aka “Miss Aggie,” left for her heavenly abode.


According to the official update, Augustin passed away at the age of 111 at her home in Ponyon, Choiseul. Reportedly, she died at 3 pm on September 09, 2023 (Saturday).


She left behind her caretaker and adopted daughter – Illtyd Alcee, for condolence. Alcee told the local news channel about her discomfort before she passed away. She said, “She was ailing, and as the time got nearer, I saw signs of struggle. She had pain.”


She further highlighted that Augustin was stronger than others on some days. While remembering her mother, she further added that it was her nature, and they just have adapted.


Additionally, she commented on the feeling of family, friends and close relationships and mentioned “some felt she had made her time”.


Alcee also described her experience of taking care of the deceased and claimed it to be ‘challenging and bittersweet’.


Her adopted daughter further recounted the cherished moments with her mother and said that on Sundays, they spend time together and create a lot of memories which will be cherished forever. She further stated that they danced together on some Sundays and have also clicked pictures.


As per the statement shared by Alcee, Miss Aggie enjoyed such moments and was fond of get-togethers. Further, she remembered the celebration of her 111th birthday on August 14 and outlined Miss Aggie loved the get-together and


On August 14, Miss Aggie was celebrated by family and friends with a get-together specially organised for her 111th birthday. She further outlined that she always wanted to celebrate her 112th birthday, but unfortunately, she left everyone.


Octavia Augustin was born on August 14, 1912, and was regarded as the oldest Saint Lucia.