Not electoral reform that run them, “is fraid dey fraid” PM Skerrit lambasts opposition

Not electoral reform that run them, “is fraid dey fraid” PM Roosevelt Skerrit lambasts opposition

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Dominica: The Commonwealth of Dominica will witness the snap general elections on December 6, 2022, according to the recent announcement by the Prime Minister of the nation – Dr Roosevelt Skerrit. While preparing for the elections, Dominican Labour Party announced its candidates, contesting the upcoming, but the opposition party has its own plans, which have been criticized by the PM himself.

While addressing the public of Dominica, Prime Minister Skerrit outlined, “I don’t normally pay much attention to what my detractors are saying or doing. But someone sent me the news article today in which a headless political party conceded it was in no way, shape or form READY to contest an election and therefore has surrendered.”

Furthermore, he stated that he would have done the same if his political party had no leader, no policy, no philosophy, no friends – local or foreign – and no active presence in the villages or constituencies of Dominica. He said that he, too, would advise his party to avoid a sixth political beating at the polls by sitting these elections out.

“If they were not so lazy and disunited, they could and would have done much better,” stated PM Skerrit.

Prime Minister lashed the United Workers Party (UWP) of Dominica after the opposition decided to step back and announced not to contest in the general elections in 2022. UWP, who hasn’t ruled the nation for a long time, has many things to say about the elections but has not clarified “why they are not contesting these elections?”

According to various sources, United Workers Party has decided to back off because the political party does not have any agenda to fight, and on the other hand, Dominica Labour Party and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit (who has been serving the nation since 2004) has been working with a vision of advancement.

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit has worked tirelessly to bring Dominica on the global map. His ideas, policies and agendas have helped the nation in building a strong and better image at the international and regional levels. Many sources stated that the members of the United Workers Party decided not to contest the elections because election of the party might tarnish the global image of the country.

Prime Minister Skerrit has fought for the nation with the people of Dominica at every difficult time. PM and the Dominican Labour Party (DLP) have always worked for the people of the nation; the country has witnessed the construction of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, highways, schools and housing units, which was never an agenda of UWP.

It is also believed that the United Workers Party was also dealing with internal disputes, which was making them weaker as a political party. With the passage of time, Dominicans started believing that UWP would not be able to represent the nation in the way PM Roosevelt Skerrit was doing.

Prime Minister Skerrit shared his review on this and asserted, “They were rumbling chaotically along to a November 27th party conference, at which no less than six persons had declared an intention to run for leadership. The conference on November 27 was not going to unite them. It was going to further divide them!”

Dominicans have extended their support towards the labour party and PM Skerrit. While expressing the same, one of the Dominicans stated, “All the way, every day my PM is there to stay. Labourrrr,” while another said, “All the way with Labour Power.” “Labour, labour all the way with labour,” said the third one with lots of enthusiasm.