No snap elections to be conducted, says PM Mitchell while expressing confidence

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Saint George’s, Grenada: Prime Minister Keith Mitchell issues a statement on the suggestion to hold snap elections in the island country, noting that he is confident over his party’s win in the upcoming general elections, which are to take place in 2023.  

Apart from this, he hinted, in the upcoming few months, the new leader of the party would be the pick of its supporters. 

Speaking during the recent media conference, PM Mitchell asserted, “This question is to be replied by the people of the New National Party, the supporters. If I speak to say I want X, it is sort of like dictating because, given my influence on my political organization, it will be very challenging to see the freedom of people going to an alternative choice”. 

“So, I do not want to do this, I will not tell anyone what to do, I have my own views, I have seen my colleagues at different levels. In any event, let us accept this, I have stated that in the course of the new term in government, assuming that we are re-elected, and I am confident of that re-election“. 

He furthermore highlighted that every individual is having the freedom and their individual choice, adding, “I will promise you, we won’t see paratroop anybody into the NNP“. 

“People will have to show their mettle; they will have to come in and show some level of consistency of work and evolve through a particular process. That is what I could promise you,” the prime minister further added. 

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) will challenge the current government in the upcoming general elections. NDC, the previous year in the month of October, selected their leader, noting that it has already started the process of selecting the candidates for the forthcoming elections. 

The previous two elections were won by the ruling New National Party, which PM Keith Mitchell leads, with a clean swipe of winning 15 seats.