Nigerian army accidentally kills 85 civilians in drone strike

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The Nigerian Army committed a faux pas of epic proportions when it ended up killing 85 civilians including women and children, who were attending the celebrations of a Muslim festival in the northwestern region of Kaduna.

The incident occurred in the village of Tudun Biri where the armed forces were attempting to target a terrorist organisation. Unfortunately, the Nigerian army missed its mark which led to one of the most harrowing cases of mistaken bombings in the nation’s history.

More than 100 people were a part of the celebrations and were engrossed in the festivities when the incident occurred.

An investigation has been launched by President Bolo Ahmed Tinubu to ascertain the details of how this tragedy came to pass. In his official statement on the incident, he called it “very unfortunate, disturbing and painful.”

This is why the President has pledged that the investigation into this case will be thorough and definitive. The National Emergency Management Agency has been mobilized and has buried 85 bodies while the search for survivors continues.

One must also consider the fact that 66 people are still receiving treatment for their injuries, hence the death toll could rise further.

Beyond the obvious immediate issue, civilian deaths due to collateral damage has become a regular occurrence in Nigeria. A similar incident occurred in 2017 when a housing camp for 40,000 civilians displaced by the jihadist violence in Rann, close to the Cameroon border, was struck by a fighter jet.

In this particular case, 100 civilians lost their lives and many more were injured.

In 2021 another such case came out when 20 fishermen lost their lives in an attack on Lake Chad. In that case as well, the military accepted its mistake and said that the fishermen were mistaken for militants.

Major concerns are being raised due to such accidents becoming a recurring theme in Nigeria and the subsequent lack of accountability and action.

George Henry
George Henry
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