New Jamaican Police post to set at the Ian Fleming International Airport

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New Police post would be set at the Ian Fleming International Airport in Boscobel, St Mary. By this new post, the police would be reinforcing the ability of the Jamaica Constabulary Force for the protection of the country’s border. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Clifford Blake stated at the recent handover of the facilities by the Airports Authority of Jamaica to Jamaica Constabulary Force.

DCP Blake said that the JCF’s vigilance would be continuing at IFIA as collectively, they have been partners in the legal protection, security and safety of Jamaican borders.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake said that partnerships have been playing a vital role in terms of border protection and security of Jamaica, highlighting that the JCF enjoys a rich and fruitful relationship with the Airport Authority of Jamaica as well as the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency and Jamaica Customs Agency in that regard.

“For decades, we’ve had partnerships, particularly with the Norman Manley and the Sangster International Airports and now with the Ian Fleming International Airport,” DCP Blake said.

DCP Blake said that the partnership has resulted in the capture of a significant amount of illegal firearms, drugs, ammunition and other contraband, along with the arrest and conviction of several persons as individuals try desperately to breach their country’s borders.

DCP Blake, who has been representing the Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, at the handover ceremony, said that he felt satisfied with the new building as in future it would provide sufficient space to the men and women of the force. Those would be able to execute their duties effectively.

DCP Blake said that on behalf of the Commissioner, he expressed their profound thanks for the facility in which their officers would operate as they pledge their utmost best, utmost commitment to the execution of the rule of law. They look forward to occupying the facility and delivering the best service that would be possible.

The 2,500 square-foot facilities, which were designed by the JCF’s Property Management and Maintenance Division, and further constructed by the Airport Authority of Jamaica with the cost of $48 million. It would serve IFIA and the other local communities communities.


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