National Works Agency to restore normalcy in Jamaica

16 honourees recieved awards during St James parish independence celebrations
16 honourees recieved awards during St James parish independence celebrations

The National Works Agency, by its aim of work, assumed the central role in the quick consequence of Tropical Storm Elsa by assembling equipment and personnel to open blocked roads and return paths to communities.

PM Andrew Holness said that The National Works Agency had done their assessments on the place where the severe effects of Tropical Storm Elsa have been observed and reported by the locals. With the help of the officers, the agency had conducted pulmonary assessments of the damages. The National Works Agency has been further working on clearing the block roads that have been closed as the aftermath of the storm.


Priority was given to those corridors through which companies like Jamaica Service Public Company, Disaster preparedness Management would be taking the relief equipment and materials to the place that have been affected by Tropical Storm Elsa. The companies are supposed to clear the garbage from the roads and the mud that came due to landslides and the overflowing of the rivers.

According to the statement by PM Holness, many community works have been affected by the storm. Many roads have been damaged, and the drains have been overflowed or blocked, due to which the dirty water on the streets might cause diseases in future if not cleaned. Total 177 roads have been affected across the island by the storm.

The clearance of the roads has been done with the help of private companies under the agency framework agreement. 443 million Jamaican Dollars have been made the expected amount for clearing the roads and the drains cleaning in the country where the storm had put its worst effect. 360 million Jamaican Dollars to make affected corridors accessible. These amounts have been spending on clearing the physical obstacles on the roads of the country to restore the normalcy on the island.

Most of the work has been done, which includes the patching of the broken roads to fill up the water holes in the roads in case to increase the driveability on the roads.