New COVID-19 measures for fully vaccinated travellers by Dominica’s Government

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New measures for quarantine have undergone changes for the fully vaccinated travellers would come into effect on Wednesday 7 July 2021. Health Minister said that all vaccinated travellers have to undergo a rapid antigen test while on arrival. 

Dr Irving McIntyre, Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, said that if the PCR test results would be positive, the travellers supposed to be admitted to a COVID-19 isolation unit until he/she would be released by an authorized health professional, the hospital fee would also be applied. After this, it has also been stated by Minister that if the traveller would produce the negative result of PCR test, that particular person would be given medical clearance.



The Minister of Health noted that no quarantine is not required for fully vaccinated individuals who clear the medical on arrival. But, the individuals must be obliged to report any symptoms to health officials if they experience sickness afterwards. 

Dr McIntyre said that a person would be vaccinated with a single jab of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine or other two doses of vaccines approved by the ministry of health, WHO and CARPHA. The second dose must be taken at least two weeks before coming into the country.

 Dr Irving McIntyre, Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, said that the latest additions in quarantine would eliminate some of the inconvenience faced during travel and would also improve the travel experience for vaccinated tourists. Dr Irving McIntyre said that the new changes would also boost the tourism sector in Dominica. Fully vaccinated travellers, before starting their journey to Dominica, should submit a health questionnaire online at least 24 hours before arrival in Dominica. Along with these steps Government of Dominica also said that it has been mandatory to upload negative PCR test results from a swab taken 24-72 hours before arrival. The travellers have to upload vaccination certificates at The travellers have to Pay EC $100 for antigen test online as fees.

The Health Minister said no quarantine would be required for individuals who have been coming from low-risk countries. However, they would have to undergo a rapid antigen test on arrival.


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