Two men were sentenced to jail under robbery. Picture credits: Google images

Nevis judge sentences two men to imprisonment

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Two men were sentenced to a total of 16 years of imprisonment by a Nevis Judge after being proven guilty.

In November 2018, Mikey Mills and Patrice Monzack, residents of Newcastle, Nevis, were accused of robbing John Yearwood- the owner of Oualie Beach Hotel.

The Nevis Judge handed down nine years of imprisonment to both men for the offense of Wounding with intent, and seven years for the offense of Burglary.

Both sentences will be served at the same time for each person, started from 18th July 2023.

Mr. Yearwood sustained a gunshot wound when two masked assailants armed with weapons entered his home at Jones Estate.

Notably , Mr. Yearwood fired shots at the two individuals, resulting in them being hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Initially, the Police detained four individuals in connection with the incident.

In fact, in their prior investigations, it was found that the Security Guard at the Hotel was accosted by a group of masked individuals. He was assaulted in the head with what is believed to be a firearm., then pulled inside to the reception desk.

The masked individuals held the receptionist at gunpoint and was forced to open the vault. They took out a significant amount of money from the vault including various personal items. The assailants before running away from the crime scene took out the money from the Security Guard as well.

At that time, it was Charlestown Police Station who received this armed robbery report and they immediately started their investigation into the matter and interviewed a lot of persons regarding the same.

This is not the first time that armed robberies have taken place.

Just few weeks back, the two incidents of armed robberies happened at Ram’s Supermarket at Camps and Ram’s Supermarket at Bird Rock respectively.

In the investigation it was found that around 6:30 pm on 12th August 2023, four armed and masked assailants who were wearing hoodies stormed into the Ram’s Supermarket at Camps and robbed four of the cashier’s station and vault with a huge amount of money before escaping from that place.

Afterwards, near about 7:55 pm, four armed and masked assailants wearing black dress robbed significant amount of cash from the cashiers of the Ram’s Supermarket at Bird Rock before fleeing away from that place.

To combat the sudden rise in such armed robberies, the Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force has enhanced the investigations as a part of its unwavering commitment to maintain zero tolerance on crime and violence.