Nepal: Three women manage to escape from Chinese employers in Laos, claim to feel unsafe

Nepal: Three women manage to escape from Chinese employers in Laos, claim to feel unsafe

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Kathmandu, Nepal: Three women of Nepal have hit the headlines after they returned to their hometown from Laos. Three women, named Lalita, Juna and Rojita, managed to escape from their challenging Chinese employers there and came back to Nepal; however, they claimed they felt unsafe in their homeland.

The three women from Nepal were taken to Laos with a promise to provide free food and transport, but the reality was different. After reaching the foreign country, they were made to work on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp. According to the information published by the Nepali news organisation The Kathmandu Post, the women were forced to work with fake identities.

The women were asked to act like rich, elite English-speaking people from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. The work time was from 11 pm to 10:30 am, with a break of just one hour. They felt trapped and were emotionally broken after being refused to abide by their employer’s terms.

Moreover, they managed to escape their workplace with the assistance of their family members and some friends. Lalita’s quote published by The Kathmandu Post stated that the three women felt trapped. She further cited that they had never deceived anyone in their lives as practising Buddhists.

The three returned back to Nepal on December 21, following this, lodged a First Investigation Report (FIR) at the Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau of Nepal Police. The police took immediate action, as a result, captured two agents from China on the next day (December 22). The agents were identified as Chen Yang, 30 and Ruan Chaohong, 33, from Sichuan, China and Fujian, respectively. For now, the two are in judicial custody in the Central Jail of Sundhara.

However, three Nepali women have been receiving threats after their arrest by the Nepali Police. Lalita said, “We have survived the place, but the Chinese authorities are searching for all of us through their agents.” She further informed that the Chinese authorities have been taking revenge as they feel they have spoiled their business.

She furthermore showed concern towards four more Nepalis who the agency has recruited.