NEMO hosts DANA training sessions in Saint Lucia

NEMO hosts DANA training sessions in Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia: The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) recently hosted Damage Analysis and Needs Assessment (DANA) training. The training aims to equip participants with the tools required to conduct assessments on a community level.

Program Development Officer, Kenisha Jeffery-Isembert, said the training session empowers District Disaster Committees to effectively conduct initial damage assessments.

“They will also be exposed to the DANA continuum, which includes human needs assessments and initial needs assessments,” she explained. “Furthermore, the participants will be exposed to rapid needs assessments and detailed damage assessments. The training incorporates participation in outdoor activities and working as a team.”

The DANA training was facilitated by retired Brigadier General Earl Arthurs, who provided insight into the course’s content.

“We actually hosted a session on the psycho-social aspects as well, not only for the victims but also for the responders because responders can also be victims from the very same communities,” said General Arthurs.

The World Bank funded the DANA Training through the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project.