Montserrat Tourism Authority appeals public to participate in Marathon Globetrotters
Montserrat Tourism Authority appeals public to participate in Marathon Globetrotters

Brades, Montserrat: The Montserrat Tourism Authority has asked the general public of the country to participate in the Marathon Globetrotters on May 20, 2023. It appealed to the population to join the Marathon Globetrotters for a fun run around Olveston.

As per the update by the authority, the Marathon Globetrotters, a group of retired persons who run marathons around the world, will be hosting their first Montserrat 42 km run/jog or walk. “This exciting event will take place on the beautiful island of Montserrat on Saturday, May 20, 2023, starting at Salem Park around Olveston and ending at Salem Park,” the update read.

It added that an interested candidate can register to participate in the event. “Participants will run multiple loops to complete the 42 km marathon, and locals are invited to join in on the fun by registering at,” it outlined.

While elaborating on the registration and winning the prize, the authority asserted that registration is free, and local runners have the opportunity to win a participatory prize for the first (US$100), second (US$75), and third place (US$50).

Further, while urging the general public to be active and participate in the event to make it a success, the Tourism Authority of Montserrat noted, “Don’t miss this energy-pumping event, as you may set your own personal record. Whether you’re an experienced marathon runner or someone who just loves to jog or walk, the Marathon Globetrotters welcome you to join them for this exciting event.”

“For more information about the Marathon Globetrotters and their upcoming Montserrat 42k run/jog or walk, please visit the official website or contact them directly,” it concluded.

In addition to this, it also informed about ‘World Athletics Kid’s Athletics Day’, which took place on Sunday, May 7 2023. “Whether it’s moving to get from A to B, playing athletics activities with friends, and exploring new skills, the aim is to encourage kids to get out there and have fun being active,” it stated.

Furthermore, the Montserrat Tourism Authority also mentioned the activity scheduled to happen on May 8 (Monday). “Come join us at the Little Bay Playing Field tomorrow, Monday, May 8 2023, from 9 am -12 pm, for a day filled with fun and interactive athletic activities. Refreshments and entertainment will be provided,” it mentioned.