Montserrat: PMO introduces new member Maudell Weekes to family
Montserrat: PMO introduces new member Maudell Weekes to family

Montserrat: The Programme Management Office (PMO) introduced the newest members of the PMO family – Mr Maudell Weekes.

Maudell joined the team at the end of May 2022 to provide support to the unit during a period of maternity leave, and he has already begun to contribute positively across a range of important project initiatives.


Head of PMO, Martin Parlett, said “Maudell has proven a very welcome addition to the team, getting involved in some of our most critical project areas – and at all stages of the project lifecycle. His skill sets in planning and construction management, aptitude for managing risk and uncertainties, and personable approach have proven a winning combination during this busy time for the PMO unit. As a local talent, we look forward to Maudell’s continued contributions across the portfolio and to supporting his professional development in project and change management.”

Maudell said, “I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the PMO and thankful for the speedy integration into the team. I am already seeing the unit’s in-depth work and how it adds value at each stage of the project process. I have been involved in various projects across various ministries and look forward to making a positive difference in our future development.”

He elaborated, “I am very passionate about the redevelopment of Montserrat with the aim of securing a more sustainable future for the younger generation. Working in the Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour as well as the Physical Planning Unit, I was able to gain experience as a clerk of works and building inspector, which ignited a flame in me to commence further studies. This provided the drive I needed to pursue higher education at the London South Bank University, where I gained a BSc Hon Degree (2:1) in Construction Management.

Although I am career-focused, I also enjoy the time I spend with my family as well as exercising, which helps to maintain my overall physical and mental wellbeing. I never turn down an opportunity to better myself and firmly believe that every day is a new day to improve.”