Montserrat Police lauds Constable Jemron Delplesche for his six-year service
Montserrat Police lauds Constable Jemron Delplesche for his six-year service

Montserrat: Police Constable Jemron Delplesche takes the services through his 6 years within the Royal Montserrat Police Service.

For the past six years, Vincentian-born Jermon Delplesche, Police Constable #11 has distinguished himself as a committed and professional officer. With a solitary three-month attachment with the Marine Department, Jemron spent most of his time with the Training Department as a lead Drill Instructor during recruitment training and Beat & Patrol departments.

He served as a member of the Police/Fire Welfare Association executive for the past year and a half, he led and assisted with several initiatives championing the advancement of the individual and organization. With a paramilitary background, Delplesche came to the organization with a wealth of training experience in disaster management, drills, and other military disciplines. As part of his community engagement initiative, Jermon is very involved in training members of the Montserrat Cadet Corps and the Royal Montserrat Defence Force.

Since leaving training school in November 2016, Delplesche participated in a number of in-service training including Basic Financial Crime Investigation, Tactical Analysis, Achieving Best Evidence suspect, and witness interviews.

Jemron is a level 2 qualified Authorized Firearms Officer. Via the UWI Open Campus, he continued his personal professional education development by completing courses in Advanced Human Resource Management, Project and Facilities Management, Customer Service Management and Law along with other related subject areas.

Jemron Delplesche mentioned, “A life of service has been my calling from a youth. It continues to be an honoured pleasure and privilege to serve the people of Montserrat, thanks for the opportunity. The challenge is being away from my blessed princess, outside of that it has been smooth sailing for the most part.”