Miss Dominica 2023 contestant, Tarnia Eugene expresses thanks to her supporters!
Miss Dominica 2023 contestant, Tarnia Eugene expresses thanks to her supporters!

Roseau, Dominica: Tarnia Eugene, a participant in Miss Dominica 2023 beauty pageant, has expressed her gratitude towards every Dominican for their support during her journey in the event. She took it to social media and penned a lengthy and emotional post.

She expressed her heartfelt thank you to lord, her family and Dominica, who supported her. She stated, “First, let me express thanks to the almighty Father for bringing me this far; giving me the strength, faith, and determination to succeed. It is with the most profound appreciation and sincere gratitude that I say thank you. Thank you to everyone who uplifted me and supported me on my pageant journey. Thank you to my sponsor, well-wishers, supporters, friends, and family. I cannot thank all of you enough for being extremely supportive of me throughout my entire journey in the Miss Dominica 2023 pageant. Each one of you deserves more than just ‘thank you’.”

She further stated that the endless nights of blood, sweat, as well as tears and vigorous training sessions were worthwhile. A special thank you to my chaperones, Carlton Henry and Giselle Hyacinth, who worked with her endlessly and supported her through it all. To all trainers at Definition Body, who believed in her and stayed committed to the task at hand, she is indeed grateful. “My dance coach, you are the best; your choreography was amazing, and I absolutely enjoyed executing those technical dance skills,” she added.

Additionally, the candidate expressed her gratitude to Aunty Carla. “Thank you for all the much-needed lessons and tips and for believing in my ability. To my swimsuit designer, Rafferty Inc., thank you for bringing your design to life and creating the perfect swimsuit, which afforded me that segment. Sandra Bobb, Moundy Bobb, and Nadia McDowell, you are very talented. My evening gown was and is stunning. I love the craft, design, and fit. You ensured that I received a masterpiece of a gown and walked away with the best in a dress,” she mentioned.

She also thanked the lady she has come to love and adore, Kurshner Telemacque Rabess, Eugene’s public speaking coach; she said that she is thankful to Rabess for ensuring that her package was a winning one by making sure that she looked, walked, and talked like a queen. The late nights ran into the mornings, and the public speaking coach proved that Rabess was dedicated to the candidate’s success. “A special thank you to my beauty team for ensuring that I was always beautiful for all my appearances; my hairstylists, Aunty Mya and Nadia McDowell, absolutely loved my hair. You guys are the best,” she outlined.

Furthermore, she expressed her love and thanks to her family. She stated, “To my rock and pillar of strength, my family, and my aunt Anna: you’re the best aunt a girl can ask for. You’re so supportive and loving. I love you, auntie. Thanks for sticking with me through it all. My sisters, Darna Eugene and Jada Eugene, there is no better friend than a sibling, and there is no better sister than you guys. Thanks for always being there whenever I needed you all. A loving mother is the greatest of all the gifts that life has to offer; that is my mother, the best mother a girl can have. Eve Fontaine-Eugene, I am eternally grateful to you for being the best mother ever. I owe you my life, and I vow to continue making you proud. I love you to the moon and back, mommy.”

Additionally, she thanked her sponsor, the Republic Bank of Dominica. “Thank you for making my dreams of participating in this pageant come true,” she stated.

Eugene said while concluding her message, “To my other beautiful pageant sisters: CONGRATULATIONS! You did it, I did it, and we all did it! And we are all winners. I promise you that this is not the end; perhaps this is the end of the beginning. You girls did an awesome job.”