Ministry of Youth of Saint Lucia to host Youth Awards in December 2023

Ministry of Youth of Saint Lucia to host Youth Awards in December 2023

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The Ministry of Youth Development of Saint Lucia has announced that it will be hosting Youth Awards to honour the young champs of the nation. As per the update, the Awards will be hosted on December 2, 2023 (Saturday).

The Ministry also highlighted that this celebration will mark the celebration of 2023 as the International Year of the Youth.

Through social media, the Ministry stated, “National Youth Awards 2023!!! The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports will continue celebrating International Year of the Youth by hosting Youth Awards on Saturday, December 2, 2023.”

Additionally, the Ministry outlined the basic aims and objectives of the National Youth Awards.

The objectives of the National Youth Awards

1. To recognize and reward the achievements of all young Saint Lucians who make a meaningful contribution towards the social and economic sectors of the community and, by extension, national development.
2. Reward the accomplishment of organizations promoting sustainable youth development programmes and policies.
3. To promote the growth of youth organizations actively advancing youth development and youth work
4. Encourage social volunteerism among young people.

According to the update, the Ministry has outlined that nominations for the Awards have started. “The Nomination period for National Youth Awards is now open. Nomination forms can be accessed at,” the Ministry noted through social media.

As per the update, the deadline for the submission of nomination forms is September 29, 2023. It outlined, “Please nominate deserving young people from your community!”

It is to be noted that the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Development has always remained focused towards the upliftment and growth of the youth of Saint Lucia. The Ministry is known to launch various programmes and events, supporting the young generation of the nation. Continuous support and efforts from the Ministry of Youth, along with the Government of Saint Lucia, have led Saint Lucian youth to succeed at the global level.