Minister Simon Stiell statement on climate at Ministerial Roundtable

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Guyana: Grenada’s Minister of State with responsibility for the environment in the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment, Minister Simon Stiell, presented his views on climate at the Ministerial Roundtable.

Minister Simon Stiell statement on climate at Ministerial Roundtable:

In Grenada, we submitted our new NDC in 2020 with an ambitious emission reduction target, and we have also served ambitious plans for discussing adaptation. 

However, WORDS without transportation are not enough. Trustworthiness rests with action, and we look ahead to seeing an immediate commencement to the actions that will deliver on these targets…….too much time has already been consumed, and time is not-on our side.

COP26 has to do more than-ticking the boxes on the fulfilment of the Paris Rulebook. The Rulebook is a necessary outcome, but it is not a-sufficient outcome. Adequacy requires COP26 to “move the needle” on-climate change action. 

We already know the WHO……the WHAT……..and the WHEN.

• The WHO is all-of us; 

• the WHAT is ambitious-climate action; 

• and the-WHEN is now. 

What is notable is the HOW and the-commitment to the HOW.

The HOW to-require us to take action on matters like:

• Divesting from investments in fossil fuels, 

• Carbon pricing, 

• Fossil fuel subsidies, 

• Adaptation Financing for developing countries

• and Loss and Damage. 

Adequacy at COP 26 requires us to address these, commencing with the follow-up to this summit, and presenting concrete, practical outcomes on each of these…outcomes that will deliver ambition will deliver EQUITY and will deliver CLIMATE JUSTICE in Glasgow. 

Purpose of climate change action plan

The Caribbean Action Plan proposes to protect the health of Caribbean SIDS populations from the unfavorable effects of environmental variability by improving climate-resilient health systems, by increasing awareness and mainstreaming funding opportunities to assist nations, and by elevating intersectoral mitigation actions.

A state climate change action plan sets out the institutional and policy formation, including specific policy recommendations or planning methods that a state will practice to develop and execute a climate variation mitigation strategy.



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