Minister Philip Telesford lauds locals for their efforts to enhance pedestrians

Minister Philip Telesford lauds locals for their efforts to enhance pedestrians

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St George’s, Grenada: Parliamentary Representative for St George South East and Minister for Social, Community Development, Housing and Gender Affairs – Philip Telesford, lauded the locals of the constituency who came forward to help in bringing pedestrian safety at St Paul’s and La Borie crossings to a new standard.

While praising the locals of Grenada, especially the St George South East constituency, he highlighted the importance of teamwork. He highlighted that teamwork and consistency are the keys to a better and developed country.

In this regard, he took his official social media account and noted, “Community spirit is the heartbeat of togetherness, where the rhythm of unity creates a symphony of support. Today, this was demonstrated when community members joined and championed the cause of pedestrian safety at the St Paul’s and La Borie crossings.”

He highlighted that the efforts and contribution of the locals send a powerful message and showcase the common values and priorities.

Telesford stated, “Today’s demonstration of unity and solidarity sends a powerful message about our shared values and priorities of ensuring the well-being of our fellow community members and fostering an environment of care and consideration.”

In addition to this, he took a moment to highlight that the efforts of each and every member were noticed and have not gone unnoticed.

The Grenadian minister stated that he commended highly and thanked all who turned out, and the authorities are deeply appreciative of the efforts to raise awareness and advocate for positive change. “Together, we can continue to make our community a safer, more welcoming place for all,” he noted.

While concluding his message to society, he anticipated that today’s efforts and contributions will make tomorrow better.

He noted, “Let today’s actions serve as a reminder that when we come together as a community, we can accomplish great things. We look forward to building on this momentum and working collaboratively to make our streets even safer in the future.”

Furthermore, he once again conveyed thank you and stated, “Once again, thank you for your outstanding commitment to our community’s well-being.”