Minister Konris Maynard to take legal action against Duncan Wattley for false allegations

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St Kitts and Nevis: Konris Maynard, Minister of Public Infrastructure, Energy, Utilities and Domestic Transport, released a statement to inform the public and Duncan Big Lice Wattley, a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis, will be legally tackled for the false allegations he has laid on him.

Duncan Big Lice Wattley, just a few days ago through his Facebook live on his popular Facebook Program made very serious, scandalous, outrageous and downright false statements about the minister, pointing out his character and integrity. The live even went viral as there are more than 9000 views and 25 shares. Additionally, also had over 7000 views on the same through his Youtube Channel.

Even, there were multiple publications of the live on media and electronic platforms which had worldwide reach. The minister also added that it was all planned against him and that Duncan Big Lice Wattley had misused his Government position and attacked him with the intention of harming his reputation. Also, he denied all the fabricated accusations made against him, whether through comments or questions.

“All the allegations made against me by Mr Wattley, no matter how loudly he shouts them, are blatant lies,” quotes Minister Konris Maynard.

Probing ahead, he also added the statement for Public record, which included that being a Minister of multiple operating procedures, he never directly or indirectly instructed the disconnection of any customer of SKELEC.

He also mentioned that in case Wattley was not satisfied or had issues with the decision made by SKELEC, he could have opted for another mature and responsible way instead of doing what he has done.

Moreover, he highlighted that he has not ever misused his position to be part of any illegal or fraudulent practices for personal benefit. Also, made it clear that he is trained electrical and computer engineer having 16 years standing and his wife is trained Attorney at Law of 15 years, they both are entrepreneurs as well.

“Together, we have a successful track record in our respective professions as entrepreneurs and as employees at reputable businesses both in St Kitts and abroad, which have afforded us the ability to, aided by mortgage, build our family home,” wrote the Minister.

By giving this statement, he cleared that there are no accusations and allegations against him and his wife and whatever allegations Wattley has made are completely false.

The minister then highlighted that serious actions will be taken against Wattley for tarnishing his reputation and for this, the official letter by lawyer has already been delivered to him.

“I have instructed my lawyer to take the appropriate action, seeking an immediate retraction and apology by Mr Wattley to be aired in a similar manner to the falsehoods he has told about me within 48 hours of receipt of correspondence from my lawyer,” added the Minister. 

George Henry
George Henry
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